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Live Webcast Fail

This brought tears to my eyes.

They have so many nice things. And they are so pricey!

ding 40

Where's my mount? 
Scratch that. Where's my epic mount?

Banana Chips and Brake Lights

Trouble comes in twos. After finishing up my day at work, a handy bag of banana chips by my side, I pop one last one in my mouth and turn to start packing up to head home. Suddenly, my stomach siezes up in a knot of pain. I slump back in my chair, wondering I'm going to hurl or if the feeling will pass. I wait. It doesn't pass quickly. I eventually decide I'm not going to vomit, so I attempt to get back up and make my way home, where there is a comfortable couch waiting for me to stretch out on.

I reach my car, open the door and unload everything inside. I slump behind the wheel and sit for a moment, wondering what the heck I could have eaten or drank that could be causing the problem. Shrugging, I turn the car key in the ignition and.. nothing.  Nothing happens. No starter motor, no whine of a dying battery -- not even a simple click, dashboard lights. Nothing.

I decide that I have legitimately earned my sad puppy dog status at this point and call my wife, Andrea. She is in a generous mood and willing to drive down and give me a jump. Excellent! While I am waiting, I call my friend Zoe who is a specialist in bacterial research and knows all the warning signs of green meanies like E.Coli or food-bourne Staph. I describe my symptoms. She doesn't think it's the banana chips. I glare at my fountain drink I got at the local deli. My wife arrives.

Quickly, I get my car jump-started and we proceed to drive home. At the traffic light near my house, I get a phone call. It's Andrea. She says, "is your parking brake on?" "Uh, no.." "Well, your brake light has been on since you left the building parking lot." I ponder this as I pull into the driveway of my house. I turn the car off, and sure enough, my brake lights are still on. All three of them.

Sighing, I start troubleshooting. Parking break? No. Regular brake? Nope. Headlight setting? No. Ok, so there's a problem. I decide to pull the taillight fuse and send it to the shop next week. I pull the fuse. Still lit. I pull more fuses. No change. I scream.

After a few minutes of pondering, I decide to disconnect the battery. Finally, this seems to have killed what I now realize are evil, posessed glowing demon's faces attached to the back of my car.

I have to praise you like I should.
Collective Soul - Run. Just because.
Let's try this again. Walking music take 2. Now with less FAIL.
Perfect walking music. Get out there and walk.

Listen to my station on Blip.fm! on Blip

Listen to my station on Blip.fm!

When I started using the Internet

When I attended college, the computation center had internet-connected Sun workstations. There I first began to use telnet, FTP, gopher, IRC, and Usenet.

Soon after I subscribed to an ISP at home and got a dedicated phone line. This was around 1990.

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